Counseling Program Overview

Page-Jackson Elementary School Counseling Services

At Page-Jackson Elementary School, the school counselor works within the educational framework and the child's total home/school environment to enable the child to understand his identity and to learn to make choices and decisions which lead to effective functioning as a worthwhile human being.
The school counselor is available to any student that might be having difficulties in the classroom, on the playground, or at home that may hinder his/her learning process. The school counselor is available for all children, their parents, teachers, and other staff members who are involved with the child.
As a member of the school staff, the counselor has many responsibilities. These can be grouped according to six major functions: counseling, consultation, coordination, conferences, testing, and instruction. There are generally three types of referrals: student referrals, parent referrals, and school personnel referrals. (Teachers, Administration, Child Study Team, Nurse, etc.) At the student's request, the counselor may talk with the student and if the counselor
feels continued counseling could be beneficial to the student, the parent is contacted and a permission form is sent home for parent approval. When a parent, teacher, or other school personnel refers a student for counseling, a permission form is sent home for parent approval.
Often a parent conference is helpful. This may be done at a scheduled conference or on the telephone. If parents wish to contact the elementary counselor , they may do so by phoning for an appointment. Parents will always remain the most important link in the chain of communication between school and the home in providing the best educational program for each child.
Page-Jackson Elementary's school counselor has had experience as a classroom teacher and possesses state certification for counseling and teaching.

What does the School Counselor do?

  • Assists parents and teachers in helping children
  • Teaches classroom guidance lessons
  • Provides individual and small group counseling
  • Consults with outside agencies
  • Coordinates PJES character education program

How do students see the School Counselor?

  • Self-referral
  • parent referral
  • Teacher or other staff referral
  • Administrative referral
  • Intervention team referral
  • Referral by friend(s)

A child may see the School Counselor for

  • friendship concerns
  • changes in the family
  • new situations
  • difficult decisions
  • academic concerns
  • death or illness
  • success and accomplishments
  • family concerns
  • dealing with angry feelings and behaviors
  • happy occasions
  • test anxiety
  • any other area of concern

The School Counselor is NOT...

  • a disciplinarian
  • an administrator
  • a social worker
  • a psychologist

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