Leslie Slover, School Counselor


My name is Leslie Slover and I am the School Counselor at Wright Denny. I am here to assist students with any short-term personal, social, or academic issues that might get in the way of school success. Much of my time will be spent working with students through classroom guidance activities. I will visit each Language Arts class a minimum of once per month to discuss various topics such as bullying, decision making, peer pressure, and anger management. I am also available to meet one on one with students, faculty members, and parents as needs arise. Often small groups are formed to address issues that students may have in common. Students can be self-referred or referred by a parent, teacher, or administrator.

During March the students and I have been discussing the positive impact of remembering happy events in our lives. When we are doing fun things that we enjoy, the brain releases a chemical called dopamine. This primes the brain, like oil in an engine. It helps us overcome obstacles and maintain an optimistic outlook. Luckily this same chemical is released when we think back and remember a happy event. While in the classroom, I have been helping the students create "mini memory movies". These are vivid recollections of events including any and every detail that can be remembered. The more details, the more dopamine! Please ask your students to share their memories with you. Perhaps you will get an extra burst of dopamine too.

Look for information to come home at the end of March regarding Career Day at Wright Denny. This will take place in late May. This event is the perfect compliment to my April classroom lesson on Careers. During this lesson we will explore habits and dispositions that lead to success in the classroom and the workplace.

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