Allison Meley - Art

Hello my name is Allison Meley. I received my degree in art education from Shepherd University. I have been at Wright Denny since my start in education in 2001. My favorite aspect of education is watching my students create amazing things. In addition to teaching I am a mom of 2 boys.

Message from Mrs.  Meley:

Hello, everyone! I miss working with you at school each day.  I hope you’re finding time to be creative while you are at home.  I will stay in contact with you to discuss fun art
projects, lessons, and drawings you can do right from your house!  I hope you’ll try to create at least one piece of artwork each week.

There are several ways you can share your artwork with me.  You could send a photo through email or LiveGrades – I will check both on weekdays between 8-4.  If you’re unable to send a photo, you could simply describe what you made.  In the days to come, we may also have some Zoom classroom meetings where you can show off your artwork.   

Please check back periodically, as new information will be added to this site.  Feel free to share some ideas with me, as well!

To start you off, I have included a few suggestions for artistic activities.  Please click on the "Art Projects for Remote Learning" link on this page.

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