Article 1- Name

Section 1. The name of this organization shall be the Wright Denny K-Kids.

Article 2 - Organization

Section 1. Its form of organization, its ideals, and its purposes shall be similar to the Charles Town

Kiwanis Club.

Section 2. It shall be sponsored by, but not part of the Charles Town Kiwanis Club. The Charles

Town Kiwanis Club assumes all chartering and sustaining costs.

Article 3 - Objectives and Activities

Section 1. The objectives of the Wright Denny K-Kids shall be the following;

-To provide opportunities for working together in service to school and


-To develop leadership potential

-To foster development of a strong, moral character

-To encourage loyalty to school, community, and nation

Section 2. The activities of the Wright Denny K-Kids shall be in accordance with its objectives and pledge.

Article 4. Pledge and Motto

Section 1. The pledge of the Wright Denny K-Kids shall be “As a K-Kid, I promise to serve my

neighborhood and my school, I will show respect toward my environment, and I willtry to

make the world a better place in which to live.”

Section 2. The motto of the Wright Denny K-Kids shall be “We Build”.

Article 5 - Membership

Section 1. Members shall be from Wright Denny Intermediate School.

Section 2. Members of all grades who are interested in service and of good character and leadership

potential shall be eligible for membership. All K-Kid members must be certified by the school principal or the faculty advisor.

Section 3. Scholastic standing shall not be a criterion for membership eligibility.

Section 4. The school administration shall appoint a faculty advisor who has the responsibility of

counseling the members of the Wright Denny K-Kids in their activities. The faculty advisor

will act as a liaison with the Charles Town Kiwanis Club. The faculty advisor is encouraged to enlist assistant faculty members.

The club shall solicit at least one parent or guardian of the club members to be a parent

advisor for the club. This parent advisor shall assist the faculty advisors and help facilitate the input of the other club members’ parents.

Section 5. New members shall be enlisted by the Wright Denny K-Kids Board of Directors in cooperation

with the school principal and faculty advisors.

Article 6 - Officers and Board of Directors

Section 1. Officers of the Wright Denny K-Kids shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary,

Treasurer, and Sergeant of Arms. They shall be fifth graders in good standing and shall serve

for one year.

Section 2. Their duties will include but not limited to the following:

President - Preside over the meetings. Work with the principal, faculty advisors, and

Charles Town Kiwanis sponsors to plan activities.

Vice-President - Fill in for the President and help him/her as needed.

Secretary - Record the minutes from each meeting.

Treasurer- Help maintain monetary records during fundraisers.

Sergeant of Arms - Help maintain order at all meetings

Section 3. There shall be a Board of Directors composed of the above officers and one representative

from each grade level.

Section 4. The Board of Directors will be the final say as needed for approval of service projects, social

activities, coordinate member assignments, discipline members,and perform such other duties

as shall be referred to it by the club in compliance with these Bylaws. A faculty advisor shall counsel the Board in all actions.

Section 6. All action by the club and board shall be subject to the approval of the principal.

The Board shall meet no more than monthly.

Article 7 - Election of officers and Directors

Section 1. Election of new officers will be held the second to last meeting of the school year.

New officers will assume duties at the last meeting and into the new school year.

Section 2. Board members will be elected at the second meeting in the fall.

Article 8 - Meetings

Section 1. The club shall hold meetings as determined by the faculty advisors and board.

Article 9 - Committees

Section 1. This club will establish the necessary administrative and service committees to fulfill its local

needs to include but not limited to Service Projects and Public Relations Committees.

Article 10 - Dues

Section 1. The Wright Denny K-Kids may choose to collect dues.

Article 11 - Amendments

Section 1. Amendments to these Bylaws shall be approved by of the Board of Directors.

Section 2. These Bylaws and all amendments or additions thereto shall not become effective until the

Charles Town Kiwanis Club has been advised and the approval of the school principal

has been secured.

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